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When Worlds Col­lide

Gay guy, look­ing at girl dressed in princess cos­tume: Look at that lit­tle girl. She looks so cute!
Gay friend: Yeah, she’s re­al­ly adorable.
Gay guy: If I had a daugh­ter she would dress like that every day. She would wear that to school. (pause, looks at fa­ther) I would to­tal­ly fuck her fa­ther.

–17th St & 9th Ave

Over­heard by: Julie

They’re So Grate­ful for My Tips, Though

20-some­thing girl: Where do you want to go to din­ner? How ’bout that Ital­ian place on the Low­er East Side? The one we went to when your par­ents were in town?
Tar­ty friend: Oh, no. We can’t go there.
20-some­thing girl: Why not?
Tar­ty friend: (stares at her in­tent­ly)
20-some­thing girl: Oh. Well, how bout that place we like in the West Vil­lage?
Tar­ty friend: Nope. Sor­ry.
20-some­thing girl, ex­as­per­at­ed: Hey, can you, like, stop sleep­ing with the wait­ers at all our fa­vorite restau­rants? I’d re­al­ly like to be able to eat at these places again.
Tar­ty friend, sigh­ing earnest­ly: I’ll try.

–2 Train

Over­heard by: does­n’t know whether to be im­pressed or judg­men­tal

Jan Fi­nal­ly Takes “Mar­cia, Mar­cia, Mar­cia!” a Lit­tle Too Far

Hot girl #1: Oh, wow, guys, he just texted me and asked me if I want to go out for drinks with him!
Hot girl #2: He did?
Hot girl #3: Did­n’t he make it with your sis­ter?
Hot girl #2: Yeah, why do you want to go out with him for?
Hot girl #3: Dou­ble dip­ping, that’s why.
Hot girl #1: Yeah, why not? Let’s keep it in the fam­i­ly.

–Cen­tral Park

Over­heard by: who say’s that!!!