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…So, Wan­na Fuck?

Boy: Yeah, I’m just re­al­ly bad at putting big things in­to lit­tle things.
Girl: Oh… Was that sup­posed to be sex­u­al?
Boy: Nah. If it was sex­u­al I would have end­ed it with “bow­chick­abow­wow” or some­thing.

–1 Train

Wednes­day One-Din­ers

Fash­ion­ista: Y’­know, it was just one of those restau­rants that served bone mar­row, be­cause, like, they should be serv­ing bone mar­row.

–Allen & De­lan­cy

Over­heard by: wba2101

Jer­sey mom in pur­ple jump­suit: Ah, I love this part of New York. In one block you have an Olive Gar­den and a TGI Fri­day’s.

–Times Square

Girl: John­ny Rock­ets my ass! If I want­ed to go to the 1960s I’d use a fuck­ing time ma­chine!

–8th St & Greene

Drunk guy, wise­ly: No, peo­ple who eat on trains can’t af­ford Chipo­tle!

–Up­town A Train

20-some­thing guy to sob­bing 20-some­thing girl: It’s okay, there’s a Burg­er King right around here.

–4th St & Ave B

Wednes­day One-Lin­ers Most­ly Just Stand Around

Se­cu­ri­ty guard: Oh, man, thank god for an­ti-de­pres­sants and al­co­hol! Noth­ing like Jack Daniels to get you through the day.

–The Met

Build­ing se­cu­ri­ty guard to mail­man: Don’t you think tv saved the world? Say you’ve got 10, 12, 14, 16 kids …

–William & Beek­man

NYU se­cu­ri­ty guard to long line of kids: A’ight kids, e‑z pass­es out. Put your IDs in the air and wave them like you just don’t care!

–Col­lege of Arts and Sci­ence, Wash­ing­ton Square Park

Se­cu­ri­ty man: No pho­tos in Tim Bur­ton! No pic­tures, no pho­tos! Tell a friend, tell a neigh­bor, tell some­one you don’t like!

–Tim Bur­ton Ex­hib­it, Mo­MA

Se­cu­ri­ty guard: Have a nice day… Now get the hell out of here.

–JFK Air­port