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Four-year-old: I was go­ing to Queens.
Em­ploy­ee: Oh, Queens?
Four-year-old: Yeah, it was­n’t part of the Unit­ed States, it was part of Long Is­land.

–Mc­Nal­ly Jack­son Book­store

Over­heard by: Amyjo

Ex­cept Peo­ple Ac­tu­al­ly Read Him

Male NYU stu­dent: Sound bites! I mean… Fuck­ing sound bites! And that’s all they have! These peo­ple don’t ac­tu­al­ly know what they are talk­ing about!
Fe­male NYU stu­dent: (hes­i­tant mur­mur of agree­ment)
Male NYU stu­dent, stop­ping to look at cof­fee ta­ble book: Oh man! Hunter S. Thomp­son! Have you read him? One of the great… beat po­ets.

–The Strand Book­store

Over­heard by: Ben