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Every­one Knows Red Means “Stop”

Girl to friend: I think I just saw the guy I was with last night.
Friend: You gonna go say some­thing to him?
Girl: No way! First he made me give him a hand­job for like an hour, then he shot right in my eye. I think it’s still red.
Friend: Your eye or his cock?
Girl: Ei­ther way, no sec­ond date.

–Down­town 3 Train

Over­heard by: hel­lokit­ty


White man sell­ing sto­ries: You wan­na hear a sto­ry?
20-some­thing white guy: What’s it about?
White man sell­ing sto­ries: It’s about a pi­rate, his par­rot, and cy­borgs.
20-some­thing white guy: Okay.
White man sell­ing sto­ries: First, are you fa­mil­iar with ro­bots?

–Brook­lyn Bridge

Over­heard by: Hu­man Be­ing