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How the Lit­tle Red Rid­ing Hood Tale Is Told in Brook­lyn

Young slack­er: I lost my grand­moth­er to­day.
Young psy­chot­ic friend: Oh, don’t wor­ry, she will come back soon, if she has no car.
Young slack­er: She’s dead, ass­hole!
Young psy­chot­ic friend: Oh. I’m re­al­ly sor­ry, it’s true.
Young slack­er: Don’t wor­ry, it was fun­ny.
Young psy­chot­ic friend: Okay.


Over­heard by: Athanagore Crumb

Ri­car­do Makes a Splash Wher­ev­er He Goes.

Guy sit­ting on bar stool: What about Ti­tan­ic? Ti­tan­ic? Did you like Ti­tan­ic?
Mex­i­can wait­er: Ti­tan­ic?
Guy sit­ting on bar stool: Yes, Ti­tan­ic.
Mex­i­can wait­er: I don’t know. I don’t like fish.

–The Flame Din­er, 58th & Colum­bus

Over­heard by: Tra­cy

Just Re­mem­ber to Grasp the Stem Firm­ly

Hobo to stu­dent with flow­ers: Hey kid, these are for whom?
Stu­dent: For me, ac­tu­al­ly. They are so pret­ty.
Hobo: That’s right! Good for you. First: do not give to hu­mans, they suck! Sec­ond: to give flow­ers is like mas­tur­ba­tion: it’s bet­ter when you give to your­self!

–F Train

The Most In­ter­est­ing Man in the World Is Pret­ty Fuck­ing Spoiled

An­noy­ing woman on the sub­way #1: Is it be­cause of my job that he don’t want to talk to me?
An­noy­ing woman on the sub­way #2: Yo, you lis­ten to me. It don’t mat­ter if you workin’ the cor­ners way down­town or makin’ some mon­ey on some Wall Street shit. He should­n’t care that you’re an ex­ot­ic dancer.
An­noy­ing woman on the sub­way #1: You know what? You’re damn right! I mean, sure he don’t like me showin’ my be­hind in front of otha men; but his last girl re­al­ly did work the cor­ners! So he just just shut the fuck up and deal with it.

–1 Train

You Mean, Like, a Gen­der Re­as­sign­ment?

Asian 20-some­thing #1: She on­ly dates white guys.
Asian 20-some­thing #2: So?
Asian 20-some­thing #1: They’ve been to­geth­er for five years!
Asian 20-some­thing #2: So what? She’s ready for a change.

–6 Train