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Girl: She just sent me a text with a frowny face. A fucking frowny face! That’s it?! That’s all I get?! A fucking frowny face?!
Guy: That’s not cool.

–42nd St & Madison Ave

Overheard by: Samah

We’re Not Touching This One.

Little boy: I’m a moron!
Mother: No, honey, it’s ‘Mormon.’ But yes, you are.

–106th & West End

Overheard by: Julia S

“We Will Never…Um…”

Man: Miss, sorry, can you tell me what is the way to go to Ground Zero?
Waitress: Ground Zero?
Man: Yeah, Ground Zero!
Waitress: What the hell is Ground Zero?

–Times Square

Baby Got No-Back

Receptionist: What’s in the package?
Office worker: It’s a full denim jumpsuit with the back cut out.
Receptionist: What’s it for?
Office worker: A baby shower. I wanted to wear something, you know…
Receptionist: Sophisticated.

–Wall Street Office

Overheard by: thecaitd

It Totally Should

Four-year-old girl in elevator: What floor are you going to?
Woman in elevator: PH, the penthouse.
Four-year-old girl: Ohhh, I thought that stood for pool house!

–22nd & Broadway

Overheard by: Yeah, I wish

It’s Also Not So Glorious.

Woman friend #1: Unbelievable! I finally got my period. Right now, of all times.
Woman friend #2: It’s no longer a bloodless revolution!

–Zuccotti Park

…I’m No Slut

Stupid girl #1: You know she has three baby daddies?
Stupid girl #2: Wow, that’s crazyyyy!! (pause) The most I would have is like two.

–Best Buy Bathroom, Union Square

Overheard by: Katherine

God, I Miss The Hills.

Girl #1: You know what I always have problems with? “Effort” and “affort.“
Girl #2: Yeah…
Girl #1: I can never remember which one to use.
Girl #2: Wait… Do you mean “effect”?

–1 Train