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No Hair, the Mu­si­cal for the New Cen­tu­ry

Lati­no man #1: Hey man, you don’t look like you in your ID.
Lati­no man #2.: Yeah, that’s cause I don’t shave in the win­ter.
(three min­utes lat­er)
Lati­no man #2.: Yo, I al­ways shave. Every­thing. I hate hair.

–3 Train

Over­heard by: YS

How the Lit­tle Red Rid­ing Hood Tale Is Told in Brook­lyn

Young slack­er: I lost my grand­moth­er to­day.
Young psy­chot­ic friend: Oh, don’t wor­ry, she will come back soon, if she has no car.
Young slack­er: She’s dead, ass­hole!
Young psy­chot­ic friend: Oh. I’m re­al­ly sor­ry, it’s true.
Young slack­er: Don’t wor­ry, it was fun­ny.
Young psy­chot­ic friend: Okay.


Over­heard by: Athanagore Crumb