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This Is Why Our Ed­i­tor Loves His Neigh­bor­hood

Amer­i­can woman: Don’t push me. I saw you try­ing to get ahead of me!
Russ­ian woman: What you talk­ing about? I did not.
Amer­i­can woman: You did, too! You’re all the same, so god­damn pushy.
Russ­ian woman: What, what you think I am? Look at me! What you think I am? What I look like to you?
Amer­i­can woman: Well, I’d say you look like a fat big mouthed bleach blonde bitch whore!
Russ­ian woman: What? I get my hus­band on you!
Amer­i­can woman: Go ahead! I’m sure he’s home and not work­ing. You’re all here for a free hand­out!

The Russ­ian woman storms out to find her hus­band.

Amer­i­can woman: What did she want? She asked what do I look like so I told her. I was on­ly be­ing hon­est!


Over­heard by: Deb­o­rah Olin

A Benet­ton Ad, It Is­n’t

A black girl tries to squeeze past twin asian chicks and a lit­tle asian boy to get in­to the train.

Black girl: Do you mind?
Asian chick #1: Don’t be rude, can’t you go around us?
Black girl: I don’t move around peo­ple; they move around me.
Asian chick #1: You’re in­side now, so please stop yelling at us.
Black girl: You are so rude! Is that how you talk to peo­ple in front of your child?
Asian chick #1: You know, I’m tired of lis­ten­ing to your crap. Talk to the hand.
Asian boy: Yeah, you talk too much. Talk to the hand!

–A train