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Fun at the Post Of­fice

A young man ap­par­ent­ly cuts the line at the PO.

Old Ital­ian: Hey, there’s a line here bud­dy.
Young guy: I wait­ed al­ready, I got mon­ey or­ders.
Old Ital­ian: I did­n’t see you any­where near the line.
Young guy: I got mon­ey or­ders be­fore and now I’m mail­ing them.
Old Ital­ian: We’ve all got or­ders. Geez, no one wants to wait on line any more. And now the guy’s serv­ing him.
Young guy: Shut up.
Old Ital­ian: Ah, get lost, you id­iot. If I was five years younger I would put you up against the wall.
Postal Work­er: Next.
Old Ital­ian: How much to send this ex­press mail?
Postal Work­er: $13.65.
Old Ital­ian: Maron.