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The Et­y­mol­o­gy of the Ab­surd

Fax Guy: I nev­er made that bet with you. We did­n’t shake on it.
Fax Girl: You can’t do that. We had a bet. You be­lieve this shit? He’s try­ing to renig on the bet.
Tech Guy: Um, is­n’t the term renege? Like, short for rene­go­ti­ate.
Tech Girl: Not with this nig­ger it’s not.

–Down­town Of­fice

The Al­most Naked Cow­boy

A gui­do is wear­ing a black jump­suit and hat when a mid­dle aged woman ap­proach­es him.

Woman: Hey…cowboy hat, eh?
Gui­do: (tips hat) You got that right.
Woman: And is that…velour too, huh?
Gui­do: You bet. On­ly the finest.
Woman: Don’t even tell me. You wear­ing a g‑string un­der that?
Gui­do: Ac­tu­al­ly, how did you know?


Over­heard by: Jay G