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Still More In­sight­ful than Ann Coul­ter

Teenage girl #1: Yo I heard they have, like, a…circle, and they think it’s art.
Teenage girl #2: Shit’s re­tard­ed.

–in front of Mo­MA, W. 53rd Street

Over­heard by: David Last

Fat guy: Yeah, this O’­Con­nor thing is re­al­ly big. Most peo­ple don’t know this, but the Supreme Court has the fi­nal say over all laws that are passed. I think they ap­prove it be­fore even the Pres­i­dent does. Like I said, it’s big.

–Flo­rent, Gan­sevoort Street

Over­heard by: Hamp­ton Catlin

More Con­fu­sion En­sued When the Co­ca-Co­la Was Mis­placed

Room­mate #1, from kitchen: Hey, have you seen my pot?
Room­mate #2: Wait… The one you cook with?
Room­mate #1: Yeah.
Room­mate #2: Oh! Uh, no.

–Pratt In­sti­tute

Head­line by: usu­al sus­pect

· “Awk­ward Mo­ments Like This Are Why Cham­ber Pots Went Out Of Fash­ion” — al­li­son
· “Guess I’m Us­ing the Wa­ter Bong to Make Noo­dles Then…” — Zuel Beast
· “LIES! You Know You Meant BOTH!” — Whee!
· “The Meth Lab Was Nev­er As Well Or­ga­nized As the Liv­ing Room” — batou187
· “Wait, Did It Have Dori­tos in It?” — Jay Walke
· “Wait, the One You Put the Brown­ies In, or the One You Put in the Brown­ies?” — j3rry

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