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Dating in NYC: A Short Story

Asian chick #1: The thing is, he’s a Jewish guy? And like, ya know, a lot of Jewish guys are in to Asian girls?
Asian chick #2: Yeah?
Asian chick #1: Yeah. I think it’s like because, like, both cultures are so, like, into family? Like Jews are really into family and Asians are really into family?
Asian chick #2: Yeah.
Asian chick #1: But also? I think he kind of has an Asian fetish?
Asian chick #2: I hate that.
Asian chick #1: Yeah. He’s like…ya know. A nerdy Jewish guy who likes to date Asian girls?
Asian chick #2: Yeah.
Asian chick #1: Yeah, but he’s really cute in that way that he’s nerdy but he loves Asian girls?
Asian chick #2: Yeah.

–N/R 8th street station

A Meeting of the Spring Street Young Republicans Club

Guy #1: Women should be kept in pods like in The Matrix. And whenever we want one, we just pay a fee and rent them for a few days for sex and cooking. Then we put them back. They shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets…ever.
Guy #2: Or they should be put in a one big room where they sew and cook and sip tea until they get a call.
Guy #1: Yeah, that’s a bit more humane, I guess.

–Spring & Varick

Imagine How Rude People Would Be Without the Courtesy Cops

Hobo, eating a chicken kebab: I want me some pussy. I don’t care where it’s from. I just really want me some pussy to fuck. I wanna make her pussy go (sticks tongue out of mouth) pfffffffff.
Girl on street: Alright. That’s enough.

–W 4th & Broadway

Overheard by: KTandSheila

A Wednesday One-Liner a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Guy on cell: So she doesn’t have a urinary tract infection? Fantastic.

–JFK Airport

Woman to elderly man she’s been following: Why did you cough at me when you walked by? Why? Why? Why you do that to me? Why did you cough at me when you walked by? Tell me why? Why?! I should have You Tubed it! Smh!


Overheard by: Maria

Guy in line on cell: Yeah, I’m comin back from the doctor’s office, I may have to get surgery, they are still trying to figure out if I have cancer in my nuts.

–Deli near Park & 28th

Tranny on cell: Yeah, my hormones make my stomach hurt.

–Woodside, Queens

Coffee cart guy, arguing with female customer: You can’t do four sugars! Four sugars is diabetes!

–Union Square

Overheard by: No sugar

Like Snowflakes, No Two Wednesday One-Liners Are Identical

Loud chick to male companion: And she sings when she orgasms! Like, “a‑a-a-a-aaaah!” and “e‑e-e-e-eeeeeee!”

–Downtown 1 Train

Overheard by: Ladle

Man outside Starbucks: Dude! I gave Sharon an orgasm over the phone last night. (laughs)

–Starbucks, 14th St

Overheard by: Elizabel

Subway musician: Y’all better be good ’cause Santa Claus only comes once a year. But that’s between him and Mrs. Claus.

–W 4th St Subway Platform

Young man on cell: It looks like a 42-inch orgasm.

–Posman Books, Grand Central Terminal

Overheard by: ant

Hot chick to another: You’re like the Mother Teresa of orgasms!

–1020 Bar, 110th & Broadway

Overheard by: Chuck Bass