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Isn’t That a Little Gay?

Teen #1 shopping in supermarket, to friends: I’m just saying fuck that fucking ass-cock!
Teen #2: Yo, son! Chill with all that loud ass cursing.
Teen #1: Nigga, I don’t give a fuck; bitch, fuck, titties, cock, ass, bitch, motherfucker! Fuck pussy ass bitches that don’t respect this lil ganster-nigga here! You feel me?!
Teen #2: Okay.
Teen #1 to supermarket worker: Get back to work, nigga, or I’ll slap you with my dick and piss on your carrots!

–Pioneer Supermarket, Brooklyn

Overheard by: Ricanvelli

The Bluebirds Who Usually Do It Have the Day Off

Punk girl: So he said he really wants to get me really drunk again.
Punk friend: Why?
Punk girl: Because he said I’m as cute as a Care Bear.
Friend: What the hell does that mean?
Girl: Um, who cares? That’s so sweet… and I didn’t even sleep with him for it. Now help me push up my tits.

–Q Train

Overheard by: Ingss

Though I Think Of It As More Of a Divine Calling

Working man: Yo, what’s that?
Hobo, shaking cup of coins: Huh?
Working man: What is that?
Hobo: It’s a cup, you got any money?
Working man: Yeah, I got money in my pocket.
Hobo: Well, gimme some!
Working man: I ain’t got money to be givin’ away. I just did my eight hours.
Hobo: Well, I’m gettin’ my eight hours too, shit!

–F Train

Overheard by: ninja