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Wednesday One-Liners Sit Shiva

50-something suit: In many ways I enjoyed his funeral reception more than his wedding reception.


Overheard by: Joe H.

Girl on cell: He died. They found his body. I don’t know, somewhere in the Bronx. He was strangled or some shit. Yeah, he died from it. Oh shit, that’s why I forgot to send you the invitation for the whatchacallit, the funeral.

–Rivington & Attorney

Overheard by: I wasn’t invited either

Gay guy to friend: So I told John I would go to his funeral just to spit in his face!

–West Bank Cafe

60-something woman to another: So I’m glad I didn’t go to his fucking bitch sister’s funeral. But now he’s mad.

–Central Park

20-something guy on cell: Just ’cause I did meth with his daughter doesn’t mean I’m going to go to his funeral!

–7th Ave Subway Entrance

Oh, These Guys Would Respect You Like Crazy

Asian yuppie: I’m so tired of his bullshit. I’m done. Like seriously. Who the fuck tells his ex: “Hey, I’m going to ask this chick out, you think it’s a good idea?” That bastard!
White yuppie: Wow, no respect at all.
Asian yuppie: I know.
White yuppie: We should go out for drinks, I know a lot of guy friends who would do anything to have sex with you.
Asian yuppie: I don’t need to get laid…
White yuppie: Blasphemy!
Asian yuppie: Ok. You’re right, maybe I do need to get laid.

–Grand Central Station


Young woman leaving Macy’s employee entrance: Fuck, will you people just fucking walk!?
Little boy: Mommy, why is the elf in different clothes? And why is she saying bad words?
Random passerby: It’s because she’s a New York elf.
Little boy: Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh.
Mom: Shit!
Little boy: You could be a New York elf!!!!!!

–35th & 7th