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Dude, We’re Not Relatives

Large maintenance man #1: Yo, you remember your little girl you left a while back?
Large maintenance man #2: Fuck, man, why you gotta bring that up?
Large maintenance man #1: I think I fucked her last night.
Large maintenance man #2: How the hell would you know that?
Large maintenance man #1: ‘Cause she made that face you make when you lift shit.

–15th St & Union Sq West

Overheard by: margo

They Have to Work Harder to Screw You During the Summer

Female student: Do you guys have any empty boxes that I could possibly have?
Clerk: No, I’m sorry.
Female student: What about all of those empty boxes over there?
Clerk: We sell boxes, so we’re not allowed to give out boxes for free.
Female student: Okay. How much are the boxes you’re selling?
Clerk: Actually, we’re sold out.
Female student: Okay, if you don’t have any more boxes for sale, can I have some of those empty boxes over there?
Clerk: No.

–Columbia University Bookstore, 115th & Broadway

Overheard by: djlindee

If This Were a Movie, They’d Go on to Form This Season’s Unlikeliest Friendship

Hobo to teen girl with an Abercrombie & Fitch t‑shirt: Fitch…Fitch… How can you wear a shirt like that? Multimillion dollars…when there’s so many bigger problems? Stupid…stupid.
Girl: Um, excuse me?
Hobo: How much they pay you to wear that around?
Girl (with attitude): Four. Thousand. Dollars.
Hobo: I..
Girl (interrupting): An hour.
Hobo: Oh, okay, understandable.

–Central Park

Overheard by: heygirlhey

Homo Enough to Wanna Get Railed?

Meathead to friend: Yo, you ever ride the monorail from here? It goes from Jamaica to da airports, it’s a pretty cool trip just to see. We should take it quick, you wanna?
Friend: Yo, bro, we’re on a train, you want me to detour all the way to JFK so you can ride the fucking monorail? Yo, how homo are you?


Overheard by: rick