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Because Robert Frost Just Isn’t Ghetto Enough

Guy: Just know I chose my own fate: I drove by the fork in the road and went straight. Isn’t it deep? I’m getting it tattooed on my shoulder.
Girl: Who are you quoting?
Guy: Jay‑Z.

–34th St, Penn Station

Overheard by: No Lie

Headline by: Lauren

· ““99 Problems But a Bitch Ain’t One” Was Taken” — Cass
· “Just How Big Is Your Shoulder?” — porter
· “Maybe You Should Tattoo That Between Your Legs…” — LPS
· “Monkeys With Typewriters Couldn’t Ever End Up With Gold Like That” — Caitorade
· “The Confucious Of Our Generation” — Fresca

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Aerosmith Begs to Differ.

Cheery, talkative young woman to friend as elevator doors closes: I’m goin’ on a date tonight, and Brynelle said she doesn’t want me to fuck it up by sleeping with him on the first date – I got a bad fuckin’ habit of this – because she wants to meet his friends.
Friend: You do realize you said that to this whole elevator, right?
Cheery, talkative young woman: So?
Bemused fellow rider, whispering after the pair walk through lobby: Best elevator ride ever!

–5th Ave

Overheard by: TheWB