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Wednesday One-Liners Get Around

Girl on cell: It doesn’t matter how many people I’ve had sex with…If I can remember each of their names, then it isn’t a lot.

–32nd & Broadway

Overheard by: Tommy

Girl on cell: You had a threesome with the mayor of what?

–144th & Broadway

Overheard by: McFreaky

NYU boy: Pear applesauce, strawberry applesauce, banana applesauce. God, it’s like the apples did every other fruit in the garden!

–Food Emporium, Union Square

Dude: And after the party, everyone gets innoculated and takes the morning after pill.

–Taj Mahal, 6th St between 1st & 2nd

Overheard by: lish

Woman: The problem is that men are paradoxically both a reason to be celibate and to have large amounts of sex.

–140th & Broadway

What’s Comfortable About Being Face to Face With a Stranger?

Professor: So when humans evolved to bipedalism and were walking on two legs instead of four, their sexual practices changed and they began to have face to face sex.
Guy in back of class: Well, I mean… it’s not always face to face.
Professor: Well, it tends to be the most common and most comfortable way for bipeds to have sex.
(long pause)
Professor: I assume by your silence that you disagree.


Overheard by: You had to say that to the Prof???

Raggedy Ann Got Soaked

Girl #1: How was babysitting yesterday?
Girl #2: Pretty good, but all of a sudden, in the middle of the park, the kid I was watching begins to breastfeed her doll… (silence) I’m not kidding.
Girl #1: Wow, that’s fucked up.

–Barneys Co-Op, Spring St

…I Confess I Don’t Know That Much About European Politics.

Trivia host: Name 5 of the 7 most populated state capital cities in the country.
Participant #1: Does she mean, like, Atlanta?
Participant #2: No, the capital is Athens… Unless they just moved it to Atlanta.
Participant #1: Can they do that!?

–Stone Creek Trivia Night, 27th St & Lexington