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But, to Be Fair, We Al­so Said That About the Cast Of The Re­al World

Lit­tle girl #1, look­ing at Ne­an­derthal dio­ra­ma: I just saw her pupils move!
Lit­tle girl #2: I just saw her hair move!
Lit­tle girl #3: I just saw her blink!
Lit­tle girl #1: I just saw his pe­nis move!
Lit­tle girl #2: I just saw her boob move!
Lit­tle girl #1: I think those are re­al peo­ple!
Lit­tle girl #2: Me, too!
Lit­tle girl #3: Me, three!

–Mu­se­um Of Nat­ur­al His­to­ry

Over­heard by: Jen­nifer

We Heart Wednes­day One-Lin­ers, Now More Than Ever

Guy to friend: Oowee! Some weed and a perm! That’s my per­fect New York day.

–West Vil­lage

Over­heard by: Joe

Con­duc­tor: Step in, stand clear…let’s go New York!

–1 Train

Over­heard by: Ash­ley Nel­son

In­tox­i­cat­ed creep­ster: Are we in Man­hat­tan? What the hell! This city is so full of New York­ers!

–St. Mark’s Place

Over­heard by: Lizzzzz

Bit­ter man on sub­way: I think one sum­mer here would cure them of any love they have for this town.

–1 Train

Passer­by to sur­prised-look­ing wife, watch­ing fight: They’re fight­ing. It’s New York, that’s what peo­ple do in this city.

–City Hall

Over­heard by: ascor­bique & al­most fa­mous

Grin­ning para­medic to fe­male tourist in shock, strap­ping her to back­board af­ter she was struck by a car: Wel­come to New York!

–34th St & 7th Ave

Over­heard by: Ma­teo que Feo

Dude, You Are Such a Rol­ler­girl

Skater #1: But wait, that’s not right. Your birth­day is feb­ru­ary 2nd.
Skater #2: That’s what you’d think, my friend… and you’d be right.

–As­tor Place

Over­heard by: hjfrey­er