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Of Course, I Missed Like Every Sci­ence Class Ever

Hip­ster girl: Gosh, I’m like Pavlov’s dog!
Guy: What the hell is that?
Hip­ster girl: You don’t know? They teach it in, like, every sci­ence class ever!
Guy: So, what is it?
Hip­ster girl: It has some­thing to do with bells and drool, I’m not re­al­ly sure.

–Wash­ing­ton Square Park

Over­heard by: Tres Chic

‘Cause If You Do Like Tor­ture, My Cul­ture Is All Over That

D.O.M.: I re­al­ly like your cul­ture.
Cute Japan­ese bar­tender: You… like tor­ture?
D.O.M.: What? No, no… Cul­ture — cul­ture.…
Bar­tender: [Silence.]D.O.M.: Cul­ture. Man, how do I say this…?
Bar­tender: [Silence.]D.O.M.: … I like what you guys do.
Bar­tender, leery: Thanks…

–Japan­ese restau­rant

Over­heard by: aule­van