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Médi­co Strangelove, Or How I Learned to Stop Wor­ry­ing and Love the Bong

Teen girl: Yeah, every­one says I’m re­al­ly bo­hemi­an.
Teen guy: Wait, I thought you were Mex­i­can.

–N train
Head­line by: Haw­ley Smoot

· “Are you poor or just pre­tend­ing to be poor?” — Eli!
· “Be­cause Of The Whole ‘Dirty Sanchez’ Thing, Right?” — Bored Be­yond Be­lief
· “Bo­hemia: Czechs think it’s a King­dom, Mex­i­cans think it’s a beer. Our sci­en­tists have traced this rift in Space-Time to a New York N‑Train.” — Haw­ley Smoot
· “Break­ing News: Up­town Law­mak­ers Unan­i­mous­ly De­cide to Build Twen­ty-Foot-Tall Fence Along 14th St.” — Alex
· “Ei­ther way, the Re­pub­li­cans will want to de­port her” — Russ Wall
· “Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Fi­garo! Mex­i­co!” — aileron
· “Mary Kate and Ash­ley over­set the Tan­ning bed clock” — jo­jo
· “No I said I want to BE in Rent, not I can’t PAY my rent” — Ri­ley Ray
· “Pon­cho Pro­fil­ing” — Kaleena
· “Rhap­sody in Brown” — hawai­ian­in­ny
· “The venn di­a­gram just looks like one cir­cle.” — Duck­bill Oedi­pus
· “Un­der­stand­able, since she smokes clove cig­a­rettes out­side of Chipo­tle on St. Mark’s” — chris
· “We use Pinatas to hide our weed” — Fudgie D Whale
· “Yes, I’m half Czech, but you’re all con­formist.” — eyp

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