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Shish Kan­ish Is That Falafel Place Over on Third

10-year-old white boy: Mom, you know what I’m won­der­ing?
Mom: No, what?
10-year-old: What does “shish kan­ish” mean?
Mom, star­ing at him: What the hell are you talk­ing about?
10-year-old: In that song by Shaki­ra it says she makes a man wan­na “shish kan­ish.“
Mom, shak­ing head: “Speak Span­ish,” Cory. She made a man wan­na speak Span­ish. Shit, you ain’t nev­er gonna be a singer.

–Ten­e­ment Mu­se­um

Over­heard by: Ex­cuse me while I kiss this guy