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The Rain­bow Flag Hangs Over Wednes­day One-lin­ers

Queer: That’s why you nev­er bring a drunk pussy to a gay club.

–17th be­tween 5th & 6th

Over­heard by: Robert

Girl on cell: But wait, was she gay or was she les­bian?

–8th & Broad­way

Queer on cell: Pussy? You mean Pussy?…No?… No, I know Hibiscus…Is that the one with the boyfriend at the bar?…Pussy!…Well, are you the good witch or the wicked witch? Oh, I guess that won’t work for you, you’ve nev­er seen Wiz­ard of Oz.

–Madi­son Square Park

Over­heard by: mh

Girl: Oh my God, I hear het­ero­sex­u­al voic­es!

–18th & 8th

Old­er guy: I’m still try­ing to fig­ure out who de­signed this bath­room. I mean, who­ev­er de­signed this place want­ed some­thing up their ass.

–Pavil­ion movie the­ater, Park Slope

Over­heard by: Daniel Ra­dosh

Girl: Yeah, but I mean, this gay thing’s gonna be in him for­ev­er…

–East Dri­ve, Cen­tral Park

Woman on cell: Well, if he wears a dress shirt with re­al­ly nice jeans, that makes it a lit­tle less gay for them.

–4th Av­enue & 12th Street

Over­heard by: Tom­my Raiko

Ru­Paul II: Mmm, I would suck spare rib out­ta his dick…sauce and all.

–Christo­pher Street

Guy: Yeah, I don’t like lip rings that much. They get dirty too eas­i­ly, y’­know, from food and suck­ing cock…

–Mac­Dou­gal Tat­too, Sul­li­van Street

Over­heard by: gwen lim­bach

Chelsea boy on cell: Hey, hon­ey, I saw you leave with that hot bar­tender last night. I’m com­ing over with a cou­ple of videos and that vinai­grette I bor­rowed, and you’re telling me every­thing.

–21st & 7th

Woman: Of course. I’m in and out of the clos­et all the time.

–Do­jo, St. Mark’s Place

Over­heard by: Ellen

Girl on cell: So he told me that suck­ing cock did­n’t make him gay…and I said, “How’s that if you nev­er go down on me?”…fucking fag­got!

–F train