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Not Too Hot, Though

Cus­tomer, im­pa­tient­ly: Give me an iced cof­fee. And make it with steamed milk.
Shop as­sis­tant: Iced cof­fee? With steamed milk?
Cus­tomer: What, you can’t do that? Okay, okay — make it a reg­u­lar cof­fee with steamed milk, then.

–Cof­fee shop, Bleeck­er St

Over­heard by: Nic Oa­tridge

Some Peo­ple Should­n’t Watch NO­VA

Back­pack­er #1: What’s up with this DNA crap?
Back­pack­er #2: Yeah, I know…
Back­pack­er #1: Yeah… Like, that spi­ral stair­case they show on TV — where is that in your body?
Back­pack­er #2: Yeah, dude, for re­al.
Back­pack­er #1: Yeah, man, you can’t trust sci­ence.

–Brook­lyn-bound 4 train

“Have they set a date?”

Guy #1: Yeah, I’m go­ing home again next month. My par­ents are sort of ob­sessed with me be­cause I’m an on­ly child.
Guy #2: You’re an on­ly child? Oh man, I feel so bad for your par­ents. They are go­ing to be so de­pressed when you die.

–Co­lum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty

Over­heard by: Shoshana