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Plus, We Both Like Ice Cream. And the Bea­t­les!

Bim­bo #1: Yeah, I re­al­ly think I like him. We get along so well. I mean, we have a lot in com­mon.
Bim­bo #2: Oh yeah? Like what?
Bim­bo #1: Well, we both love pugs.
Bim­bo #2: As in the type of dog? Every­one loves pugs. How can you not like pugs? They are so fuck­ing cute.
Bim­bo #1 (chal­leng­ing­ly): Yeah? Well, how about this one? Both of our dads died in plane crash­es.
Bim­bo #2: Oh. My. God. You are sooo meant to be to­geth­er.

–Brook­lyn Bound N Train

Over­heard by: totes meant to be

Roll Tape, Please

Kid in bag­gy pants: What do you mean, you’re a vir­gin?
Kid shoot­ing pool: Dude, I’m to­tal­ly a vir­gin.
Kid in bag­gy pants: Trust me, you’re not a vir­gin.

–Pool hall near NYU

Over­heard by: DJ

None of Them Would Talk to Me

Prep­py guy #1: How was that bar in Mid­town?
Prep­py guy #2: Dude, it was awe­some… It was full of hot chicks.
Prep­py guy #1: If it was so great, why did you text me eight times in one hour and are now stand­ing next to me piss­ing at this bar?

–Re­stroom, De­lancey Bar

Over­heard by: Al