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Big Girls: Yeah, Hope You En­joy Lunch­ing on Your Own Spit

Skin­ny girl #1: Do you know bridal sa­lons on­ly car­ry dress­es in small sizes, so big­ger girls have to, I don’t know, close their eyes and imag­ine what the dress would look like if it could zip?
Skin­ny girl #2: Se­ri­ous­ly?
Skin­ny girl #1: Some day some­body’s go­ing to come out with a de­sign line for fat girls, and they’re go­ing to make a killing.
Skin­ny girl #2: Bridal Barn.

–Cen­tu­ry 21, Fi­nan­cial Dis­trict

And Yet Still Right

Girl #1: What’s a pipe dream?
Girl #2: …It’s like a far­fetched dream.
Girl #1: Yeah, I al­ways thought it was, like, an idea some­one got when they were high and they thought it was a good idea at the time because…you know, they were stoned.
Girl #2: You’re re­tard­ed.

–N train

Think They Have Ital­ian Food?

Girl #1: Do you think there are more places to eat this way or that way?
Cop: Well, there are four that way, and two this way, but the bet­ter places are this way.
Girl #2: Can you rec­om­mend a good place to eat then?
Cop: Uh, there’s sup­posed to be some­where good on the cor­ner of Spring and Mul­ber­ry.
Girl #1: Do you know the name of the place?
Cop: Maybe Lugi’s or Lom­bardi’s or some­thing, some wop­py Ital­ian name.

–Lit­tle Italy

Over­heard by: San Gen­naro Rev­el­er