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Poli-Sci 101: Clin­ton­ian Eti­quette

Co­lum­bia girl #1: So wait, he cheat­ed on his mis­tress??
Co­lum­bia girl #2: Nooooo, he cheat­ed on his wife with his mis­tress.
Co­lum­bia girl #1: Oh, I was con­fused.

–116th & Am­s­ter­dam
Head­line by: nj2nc

· “And by ‘Con­fused’ I Mean Im­pressed” — colleen
· “Ap­par­ent­ly, So Was the Ad­mis­sions Staff” — goes to a bet­ter NY school
· “He Did Cheat on Both with a Hook­er in Ve­gas, But That Stayed There.” — Deb­o­rah
· “It’s OK, Ex­tra-Mar­i­tal Af­fairs Is a 300-Lev­el Course.” — Tyson Ju­r­gens
· “It’s a Mo­bius Strip of Poon.” — prefekt
· “Just as Long as There Weren’t No Damn Queers Get­ting Hitched. That Would Ru­in the Holy Union That Is Mar­riage.” — Col­in Mc­Cleod
· “Most Like­ly to Trans­fer to a SUNY” — las­couine
· “Pro­fes­sor Giu­liani Should Re­move His Bio from the Syl­labus” — Dave El­lis
· “Should­n’t be. It’s How You Got in­to Co­lum­bia.” — ab­by
· “So How Did the Mon­key Fit in­to All of This Again?” — Fleet­line
· “You Bet­ter Start Learn­ing the Dif­fer­ence If You’re Go­ing to Get That MRS De­gree” — Slick­Ricks
· “You Can’t Cheat on the Peo­ple You Are Cheat­ing on Your Wife With…It’s in the Bible.” — Sean
· “You’d Think the Con­cept of Cheat­ing Would Be More Fa­mil­iar at Co­lum­bia” — bri b

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