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Your Friend — She Is Cockblocking, Yes?

Awkward French Casanova: Excuse me?
Chick in huge sunglasses: What?
Awkward French Casanova: Your necklace — it is a bat?
Chick in huge sunglasses: Yeah.
Awkward French Casanova: You like bats?
Chick in huge sunglasses: Yeah.
Awkward French Casanova: And your sunglasses — are they heavy?
Chick in huge sunglasses: Nope.
Awkward French Casanova: Ah. And I see you–
Chick’s friend, interrupting: –Will you shut the fuck up?!

–1 train

Overheard by: freedom fries?

Socrates Shows Up Another So-Called ‘Wise Man’

Crazy guy: Let me know about a Caesar salad.
Employee: We don’t sell Caesar salads, sir.
Crazy guy: I didn’t say I wanted a Caesar salad, I said, ‘Let me know about a Caesar salad.’ [Pause] What’s in a Caesar salad?! What do ya’ll know about it?!
Employee: I don’t know.
Crazy guy: That’s what I thought! Ya’ll don’t know about Caesar salads!

–Subway, 41st St, between 6th & Broadway

Overheard by: i know whats in a cesar salad but im not tellin

NewsFlash: Art Student Slutty. Film at 11

Guy: Stop staring at me.
Girl: I’m not staring at you. What, I’m not allowed to look at you now?
Guy: Not like that. You have bedroom eyes.
Girl: Bedroom eyes? I don’t have bedroom eyes. That’s the way I normally look, you know that.
Guy: Yeah, because you’re everyone’s girl.
Girl: Shut up, no I’m not! Whatever, at least I get laid.

–Elevator, Pratt Institute

Overheard by: that girl