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The Gates Changed New York Forever

Elderly woman: Excuse me, do you know where 81st Street is? We’re trying to get to the highest point in the park to see The Gates.

A NYer points out the way. After she leaves, he says: I’m pretty sure I gave her the wrong directions, but I think she’s high enough.

–The Ramble

Overheard by: Nathan K. Claus

Guy: Man, this will really put New York back on the map. 

–The Gates

Suit: Excuse me, I wanted to ask you about your [big orange] wig. Are you advocating your support for The Gates or are you commenting on how crazy and trivial they are?
Guy: Uh…what wig?

–The Gates

Overheard by: Greg Rutter

Boy: Mom! Was that “art”?
Mother: No, Michael. That was laundry. 

–Central Park

Overheard by: Darko Vraither

Old woman #1: Isn’t it lovely?
Old woman #2: Well, I wouldn’t call it art, but I’m certainly glad New York has something to amuse it during the month of February. 

–MoMA roof

Overheard by: Michael Bracy

Wednesday McLiners

10-year-old sister: Ya know, I’m not eating McDonald’s anymore; I’m on a diet. I only eat Popeyes now.

–Utica Ave

Little boy, high-fiving Ronald McDonald statue: There’s my boy!

–McDonald’s, 2nd Ave & 39th St

Overheard by: Juan Chung

Gay guy to boyfriend while on line: Unnhh-uhh, you need to stop eating Big Macs… Last nite your sperm tasted like that sauce!


Fat mother to soon-to-be-fat kids: You can have a hot dog while we try and find a McDonald’s.

–Central Park

Today It’s a Lolly. Tomorrow It’s a BMW

(waiting in line)
Four-year-old kid: Mommy, I really want a lollipop!
Mom: Uhuh, move up here honey.
Kid: Mom! Just give in, I want a lollipop, okay?
(mother ignores him)
Kid: Just give in, it’s okay, I want one. It’s okay to give in, mom.
Kid: Mom, this isn’t going to work for me! I want a lollipop!
Random guy in line: Resist!

–Associated Supermarkets, Bleecker & LaGuardia

Overheard by: CaitlinisNewHere