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…By Show Of Hands?

Woman begging: Spare some change? Anyone spare some change? Can I have the rest of your drink?
Woman sitting on platform bench: I’m not giving you my fucking drink!
Woman begging: Eat me!
Woman sitting on platform bench: Who the fuck would want to eat your pussy?

–7 Train

Overheard by: Scott

…Now You Have Fake Hunger

Girl: I’m still so hungry!
Guy: I told you, you should have eaten some of my California roll.
Girl: But it had dead animal in it. (pause) Well, fake dead animal, but still… see more.
Guy: Yeah, I get it…

–Christopher St

When Sufferers Meet Surfers

Young Jewish boy handing out flyers: Are you Jewish?
Couple walking by: No, we’re Australian.

–7th Ave & 56th St

Overheard by: Lisa