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Hey, the Gov­ern­ment Will Fine You for Hun­dreds and Then Waste Bil­lions

Suit to oth­ers: So here we are, be­ing told to break every busi­ness ethics rule in the world on a dai­ly ba­sis, and we get rep­ri­mand­ed for… Guess what for?
Woman in pantsuit: Not turn­ing in ex­pense re­ceipts on time?
Suit: Yeah, ex­act­ly.

–Out­side Penn Sta­tion

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“What do you mean, you’re an Av­er­age Joe?”

Woman #1: She had been dat­ing him for, like, two years and then she saw him on a re­al­i­ty dat­ing show last night. Now she’s go­ing break up with him.
Woman #2: Well, maybe the show was filmed be­fore they were dat­ing. You know, some­times those things take a while to get on the air.
Woman #1: They were go­ing out for 2 years! Don’t you think he should have at least men­tioned to her, “By the way, I was on a dat­ing show”?

–Du­ane Reade, 52nd be­tween Madi­son & Park

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