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The Multicultural Odd Couple Is a Lot Edgier Than the Original

White teen, grabbing heavy-looking computer monitor from black teen: Fuck, just give it to me, you whiner. You’re going to drop it and we’ll be screwed, you fucking baby.
Black teen: Bitch, chill, what has been with you lately? Lately you’ve been acting like you got your white boy period.
White teen: Really. Really. Look at me, look at what I’m carrying. Don’t fucking talk to me right now.
Black teen: Definitely, white boy period.

–6th Ave & W 12th St

Kind of Like the Ocean

Good looking Italian guy, chatting: I was changing the oil on my car. I figure it’s going to shoot out so I put the pail like a foot away. I turned the knob and…whush…all over me…my clothes.
Chubby friend: Good thing you didn’t get it in your mouth.
Italian guy: It doesn’t taste that bad.

–1 Train

Overheard by: Sibyl

Oh, I’d Do That Even If We Were Married

Short bald rich man: I hate that you go to work and take off your clothes for other men.
Stripper: Then you probably really hate that I have sex with other men in your bed.
Short bald rich man: As long as they’re as rich as me. I don’t want you fucking my employees.

–Ritz Diner, 1st Ave

Overheard by: Anna B