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It’s True: Whores and Strippers Have Entirely Different Skill Sets.

Guy: Why would I want to watch you strip?
Girl: Why not?!
Guy: Because you’re a fucking whore!

–37th St & 5th Ave

Overheard by: Danielle

Headline by: Russ

· “And There Isn’t an ATM Around Here.” — Jesse
· “I Prefer to Get My Lap-Dances From Nuns” — PeterG
· “Not One Of Those Stripping Whores!” — the grene kni3t
· “Not Wanting to See Tits Is One Of the Early Warning Signs Of Being Fabulous” — Drew
· “Whore Becoming a Stripper, Synonymous With Actor Becoming a Singer” — erwilson

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No Spicy Tuna Roll for You!

Girl #1: Wanna taste the most delicious thing ever?
Girl #2: No.
Girl #1: Fine, I didn’t want you to taste it anyway.


Little Girl: Mom, Why Do Fat Girls Wear Tight Clothes?

Chick #1, passing little girl on the street: Did you see that little girl?
Chick #2: What?
Chick #1: She gave me the stink eye! That little four-year-old bitch gave me the stink eye!
Chick #2 (turns around to look at the little girl who’s still staring at them): Holy shit, she’s still looking! That bitch is crazy. Run!

–Union Square

Wednesday One-Liners for the Sociopaths

Teen boy: I was laughing ’cause this girl had no legs…

–175th & Ft. Washington

Latina on cell: Who died? Anna? How!? Hahaha! Finally.

–Jefferson & Wyckoff, Ridgewood

Dude: And she’s mad at me, ’cause I, like, kept telling her she sucked last week.

–Hunter College High School

Overheard by: i would be too

Blonde lady: I mean, it was only fun to tease the homeless woman for so long.

–1 train

Overheard by: Ein Ladle

Suit on Blackberry: I don’t give a fuck about other countries. To be honest, I only really give a fuck about myself. Starving black kids, welfare moms… Fuckin’ A! What gives?

–12th & 4th

Overheard by: Galen

Chick: I really wish he’d lost his whole finger — that’s what he deserves.

–Whole Foods salad bar, Time Warner Center