Bob Dole: “Not to Mention the Shame Of Textual Dysfunction.”

Guy #1: Hey, brother, can I ask you something? What is text messaging?
Guy #2: You don’t know what that is?
Guy #1: No… I was at this club the other night, and this fly young ho gave me digits and asked me to text her.
Guy #2: Damn, brother, you’re gonna have to get your nephew to teach you texting. It’s almost like e-mail, but on your cell phone. It has reply — now or later, and forward, if you wanna send it on to a brother.
Guy #1: I guess. I never heard of it before.
Guy #2: Yeah, nigga, if you wanna kick it with these young bitches you gotta learn to text.
Guy #1: How times have changed.
Guy #2: I know it, brother… Next thing you know, they’re gonna be textin’ you in bed. Text you their moans and shit. It is going to be the downfall of making love.

Restaurant, Long Island Marriott
New York

Overheard by: Stephen