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Models Are Easily Blinded With Science

European male model #1: You know, he’s albino.
European male model #2: Albino?
European male model #1: Albino? Albeeno?
European male model #2: Oh, albeeno, I know what that is. Red eyes.
American male model #1: What the fuck? Blue eyes, man.
European male model #2: No, red. They don’t have enough…
European male model #1: Ferment.
European male model #2: Yeah, not enough fermentation in their eyes. It’s biology… That is biology.

–Q Train

Overheard by: Julie

…But How’d You Know My Name?

Short man in glasses, suit, and ankle cast: Hey, I’ve got some great new music for you.
Tall blonde model: Oh, really?
Short man: Yeah! I’ve got the new David Guetta album three months before it’s supposed to come out. It’s got this song with Akon called Sexy Bitch.
Tall blonde model: Wow, cool!
Short man: It’s a song about you!
Tall blonde model, genuinely surprised: Tee-hee! Really?

–Hotel down from the rooftop bar at the Gansevoort

Sounds Like You’re Not a Model for Anyone

Pretty boy: Well, it’s good money, but I don’t want to do it too much, because I don’t want people to think I’m like them.
Unpretty boy: Who, the other male models?
Pretty boy: I am not a male model! I am an actor! I just do it for the money.
Unpretty boy: Sure, sure, it’s just a gig, man.
Pretty boy: I am not a male model!

–14th & 7th