Wednesday One-Liners Are Going through a Blue Period.

30-something woman painting by the lake: Dudes, you're crowding my painting! (they don't move) Fuck this shit! Stop looking at my art!

–Prospect Park

Overheard by: taylor

Girl, about art piece: Guess what that one's called! "Untitled"!

–Arario Gallery

Artist's muse: I've left New York before. There's nothing out there. It's a goddamn wasteland. I mean, I went to a waffle house; it was fucking absurdist. I mean, some of the most creative people have come from nowhere. Like, Andy Warhol. Yeah, he was famous, but he came from Buttfuck, Pennsylvania. I've never really cared for Warhol. I mean, I like his style and all, but I wouldn't make him my Facebook friend.

–Spice Cove, E 6th St

Overheard by: Chris F.

Suit on cell: It's like Michelangelo in my mouth…

–37th & 8th