Wednesday's Got a Pole Up Its One-Liner

30-something on cell: You remember that shitty fedora that Catherine gave me for my birthday? Well, I gave it to some stripper last night, and I think she just walked by me wearing it.

–Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Very small, strange Indian man carrying baby, passing gentleman's club: I was in that club last night!


Guy, slapping fists with hobo: Yo, dude, you my man! So, where are the strip clubs at around here?

–82nd St & 2nd Ave

Guy on phone, loudly: Son, so we out to the strip club tonight. Listen, I'm on the way to get you, man. The sky is the limit tonight, the sky is the limit! (pause) Listen, if we get caught… I won't say nothin'. You won't say nothing too, right? Right? Man, I'm ready to die with and for you. Aight? Lemme know.

–7 Train

Overheard by: Cararay

Cute 20-something to fiance: Okay, okay. All, I am saying is that I would prefer if no one came home from your bachelor party married to a stripper. I would prefer that. Especially you.

–Park Slope