Why I Wear Headphones on the Train.

Man answering phone: Hey baby, so how much? Oh god that's money we could be savin! Or to go to the game! Well we gotta get her teeth fixed. What she do break her whole god-damn braces out her whole mouff? … No she gotta have teeth, baby… Its just 3 steps forward 2 back. Yeah baby… I know. Yeah bye.
Same guy #2 minutes later, angrily speaking thru clenched teeth on phone:
Mom, you better be ready this time cause I'm tired and cranky and every time I'm always waitin for you to get ready. I'm in newark now, go get your clothes on or you aint goin. Yes! Be ready or I'm leavin your ass home… Yeah mom… Bye bye mommy. Be ready. Bye.

NJ transit Newark > NYC

Overheard by: rick