A Smorgasboard Of Wednesday One‐Liners

Chick to another: You and the potato? You’re never gonna live that down!

–Park Slope

Overheard by: Ladle

Guy on cell: You’re eating Rice Krispies? Why?!


Overheard by: Ruth

Girl at Indian food bar: I got samosas! You know who loves samosas? Rory Gilmore.

–Whole Foods

Angry lady with short hair: I want something with crunch. I want to crush and crunch and mangle something. That stuff, like oatmeal, that’s like the slop you feed to animals.

–Crosstown 31 Bus

Overheard by: Percival Under Cover

Young hipster to hipster friend: They have the best squirrel tacos in all of lower Manhattan. Well, the best under $10.

–Madison Square Garden