JAP: Oh my god, I can’t wait to move in­to the city. I can’t take my house any­more, my par­ents are al­ways up my ass. Gab­by, what time will you be home? Gab­by, don’t for­get to tell Rosa to pick up your dry clean­ing! Gab­by, we’re pay­ing your tu­ition, you can’t treat this house like a ho­tel! It’s so an­noy­ing! I just wan­na be on my own, I can take care of my­self, I don’t need them con­stant­ly do­ing stuff for me!
Friend: Yeah… So where were you think­ing of mov­ing?
JAP: I dun­no, my dad said he might let me move in­to his apart­ment on 89th. Ei­ther that, or a part­ner at his firm is sell­ing a co-op that he might buy for me. He said I can choose.

–Up­town W train