Thug: This is a fuckin’ Ko­dak mo­ment, man [snaps pic­ture of fel­low thug with cam­era phone].

–Bleeck­er & Mc­Dou­gal

Over­heard by: acep

Drunk fer­ry op­er­a­tor hold­ing a cam­era: I am the shut­ter­bug. S‑H-ut­ter­bug.

–2 Toms Restau­rant, Park Slope

Suit on cell: Hey, sweet­ie, I found your Army hel­met in my car. Did you find my shirt? … Be­cause you poured beer in my ear. Why? No idea — I was go­ing to ask you. I can’t wait to see the mous­tache pic­tures.

–Wall St

Over­heard by: Wants to see the pics

Chick on cell: I thought I told you to nev­er call me again, and here I look down at my phone and guess who it is?! … Af­ter those pic­tures you sent me?!

–Bleeck­er & Hud­son

Over­heard by: Me, My­self, Per­son­al­ly

20-year-old thug to friend: Yeah, she’s the pret­ti­est. When she’s suck­ing on my dick and looks up, you just wan­na take a pic­ture.

–Queens-bound E plat­form, 14th St sta­tion

Over­heard by: Nik­ki W

Gold-dig­ging wife to gal pals: I am to­tal­ly not go­ing to Ve­gas for Jen­ny’s bach­e­lorette par­ty. Can you imag­ine the pho­tos that could po­ten­tial­ly be used in a fu­ture di­vorce pro­ceed­ing?

–Del Pos­to Restau­rant