Girl #1: I just wanted to scream at her to put on a goddamn bra and shave her fucking armpits!
Girl #2: Oh my god, I know. I mean, it’s not like she has much there… But it’s something and you gotta cover those puppies up.

–Greenwich Village

Headline by: RaRa

· “And the Way She Was Holding Baby Jesus – ROTFL” — ddv
· “I Mean, You’d Think She’d WANT to Look Good at Her Own Communion!” — RaRa
· “Joan and Melissa Rivers’ Commentary at the Bronx Zoo” — allison
· “Or Carry Them in a Bag Like a Celebrity” — Andrew
· “Where Have All the Paula Cole’s Gone?” — chubba
· “Yeah, But Jagged Little Pill Was Such a Great Album” — blistexaddict
· “You’d Think by the Age Of 8, She’d Get That!” — MalG

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