30-some­thing suit on cell: We live in an in­fi­nite uni­verse. That means there are in­fi­nite pos­si­bil­i­ties. You are in­signif­i­cant com­pared to the size of the uni­verse. You mean ab­solute­ly fuck-all noth­ing, so get off your high horse and do what you’re told.

–40th St & Madi­son Ave

Over­heard by: Megan

Guy on cell: Dude, so how much more time do you have in Rus­sia be­fore you go in­to space?

–Ave A & 8th St

Over­heard by: Daniel­la

Guy on cell: The sub­ways are like the plan­ets. Gen­er­al­ly they’re in their or­bit, but you nev­er know. (pause) Re­al­ly? C’­mon, Mars!

–Up­town C Train

Over­heard by: furf

Three-year-old boy to adult fam­i­ly friend: I love you to out­ter space! Out­ter space goes up­upupupup!

–West Vil­lage

Crazy man strad­dling bike: God­damn! I can’t be­lieve I missed the last rock­et ship to the moon! (in high-pitch voice) It’s okay, man! There’s an­oth­er one in five min­utes!
(back in nor­mal voice) Okay, man, that’s cool. Roger that.

–1st Ave & 1 St

Sales as­so­ciate: They worked with NASA sci­en­tists. This is what the moon ac­tu­al­ly smells like.

–Home Fra­grance De­part­ment, Bergdorf Good­man

Over­heard by: Heather H.