“Casual Dining” Wednesday One-Liners

12-year-old boy, yelling at friend: No. Humans will die out. We're weak. Dinosaurs survived on rotten flesh. You got diarrhea last week from a Wendy's.


Overheard by: Lin

Guy to friends: Y'all, they got Applebee's! An' it's 2 stories high!

–50th St & Broadway

Overheard by: Dedawwgg

Young Asian man stomping angrily down the block, yelling: I can't believe it! There's not a single Taco Bell in this whole city!

–7th Ave, 40th St, near a Taco Bell

Woman: The reason I come here so often is because I haven't been able to find a restaurant in the city that I like.

–Uno's Chicago Grill, Upper West Side

Overheard by: Whuck?