Dating in Williamsburg: Encapsulated.

Cute 20‐something girl: I’ve been listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac recently. I forgot how much I liked them for a while and then they came on when I had my iPod on shuffle mod, and I was like, “oh yeah, these guys rock!“
20‐something dude: Fleetwood Mac?
Cute 20‐somehting girl: Yeah… The band? Fleetwood Mac.
20‐something dude: Oh, I don’t know them.
Cute 20‐something girl: You’ve never heard of Fleetwood Mac?!
20‐something dude, completely serious, scoffing: No. I really don’t bother with anything other than 90s ska punk.


Overheard by: Was unaware that this type of music snobbism existed.