…Soooo, Wanna Fuck?

Lady: I never participated in Halloween. My mom wouldn't let us.
Man: You grew in the projects, how can you not have participated in Halloween? It's the project kids favorite holiday… especially throwing rotten eggs.
Lady: My mom kept us home a lot. She would have parties at our house every Friday night so we wouldn't roam the streets.
Man: Oh, that's cool.
Lady: Not really, cuz she's a semi-junkie.
Man: A semi-junkie?
Lady: Yeah, she only did weed and heroin, so she could keep an eye on us. But my brother did crack.
Man: Oh… Well, I guess her eyes weren't that good.
Lady: Yeah… I guess not.
(awkward silence ensues)

–Uptown B Train

Overheard by: Azrael