This Guy Has the Soul Of a Poet

Russian man staring out window (said to no one in particular): I told you, lying stupid beyotch, trying to turn tables around!! You got no brains, no balls, butthead! Do what you do best and go screw yourself, butthead!!! And do it with devotion, shittyhead!!!! I'll break your knees and make you jump through manhattan like a grasshopper, ball-less shithead! You have ball-less diarrhea of your mouth and global constipation of your brain! Five years in the school of life and you still don't know, butthead! You talk too much. That is how you became as stupid as you are, butthead. No time for thoughts!! You have two butts instead of head… Fart knocker butt mouth!!!
*note to overheard in ny staff: This was said in a constant stream with very few breaks. I was relaying what nuggets I could to a friend via text message because they were pure gold. I realize this is a long quote, though. Feel free to edit as necessary.*.

–Q Train