We Aren't Gonna Lie– It's Nice to Know MTA Workers Also Treat Each Other This Way.

MTA rail worker to booth attendant: Miss? Could you open the gate?
Booth attendant: You got to swipe your pass.
MTA rail worker, showing his ID: See this? And the uniform?
Booth attendant, angrily: You got to swipe your pass. We all got to swipe our pass. That's called security. How do I know you're not a terrorist?
MTA rail worker, pointing to ID: Would you just look at this?
Booth attendant, still yelling: We got all these terrorists walking everywhere. How do I know you ain't Al Qaeda?
MTA rail worker: I'm pretty sure Al Qaeda could buy a pass.
Booth attendant: And you could be a terrorist! How could I tell?

–Brooklyn Museum Stop