Wedne$day One‐Liner$

Four‐year‐old being pushed by nanny in 100‐degree heat: I’m gonna be rich forever!

–E 63rd & 2nd Ave

European man to friend: I knew she was classy, I could tell by the look of her luggage.

–50th & 6th

Suit on cell: Actually, it’s not that expensive to buy a tiger…

–11th b/w 2nd & 3rd

Overheard by: Mattchew

Lady who lunches: I went on a cruise to China, so you know, I’ve seen the third world.

–French Roast, West Village

Obese goth boyfriend with curly red hair to obese goth girlfriend holding huge ice cream: If I ever get rich, I am going to buy you a church. (they walk away in silence)

–2nd Ave & 7th St