Wednesday One-Liners Are the Reason Couples Counselors Exist

40-something woman, about ex-husband and new wife: I guess that's why he's so pussy-whipped now, because he was so stubborn with me, and figured that's why it didn't work out.

–Starbucks, Astoria

Overheard by: Ashley

Female student, embracing male student: Everyone says we have an abusive relationship, but I think what we have is special.

–Columbia University

Thug on cell: No, you is my girl. You is my girl until I say so.


Overheard by: Topher

Guy on cell: You should give her the heave-ho. (pause) Isn't that worse than leading her on? (pause) Unless you want to use her for a while. (pause) That's allowed.

–Herald Square

Girl discussing her relationship with a friend: He's trying. Last night he made apple sauce.

–73rd St & West End Ave

Overheard by: Rani