What's Wednesday and One-Liner and Red All Over?

Gay guy to friend: I was like "bitch, either you got regular flow or heavy flow, which one is it?"

–14th St & Broadway

Blonde on cell: Okay, so when does your period start? (pause) Monday? Okay, that's great!

–High Line

30-something on cell: Ugh. Now my periods are like miscarriages.

–Bleecker & Bowery

Woman to cashier: You guys don't got no air on in here? Mmm-mmmmm. Y'all got menopausal women comin' up in here? Uh-uh.

–Omega Gourmet Deli, 125th St

Overheard by: Alex G.

Brunette to stranger: Don't stand too close to me, I'm on my period. And it's the second day, so it's a really heavy flow. (guy makes disgusted face) Just kidding, I'm pregnant!

–116 St & Broadway

Overheard by: Natalie